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DIY Funky Colorful Feather gold bugle beads Exotic Ring
$ 18.00

  • A Handmade/DIY Rings with exotic and colorful feathers beaded with gold-pleated long bugle-beads and colorful beads together to form a special art form , it looks funky , playful and unique which suitable for the one who looking for special rings for highlighting the simple look or the one who really  looking for special designed gift for your lover too.
  • This is Free size Ring which has the opened area at the bottom, you can just wear in any fingers you like, so it's adjustable for size. 
  • Highly recommended not to wash it, only polish a bit at the bottom ring part without any detergents, just water is fine.
  • It comes in a beautiful and lovely package with card/tag and small decorated bag.
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