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DIY Vintage Boho Florals Pattern Mustache on Necklace
$ 12.00

  • A Handmade/DIY Vintage Boho feeling with girly Florals Patterns on the Mustache charm decorated on the metal chain necklace. This is very new twist on the mustache charm with the warm and girly floral pattern which give your look a bit fun and joyful feeling.
  • You can either wear it with the T-shirt or just hanging on your neck with tank top or simply dress look totally stunning but younger feeling. I'm sure it can bring you more happiness if you wear all day, because it is so matchable to any look as well.
  • The Total length of the gold-pleated chain is 39 cm, with the adjustable extension at the end is 5.5 cm.
  • IT comes in a beautiful and lovely package with card and small bag.
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