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Handmade Vintage Brass Chic Design Clock Cham on Necklace.
$ 17.00

  • A Handmade Vintage Brass Chic Design Clock Cham on Necklace with a vintage feeling and Art Nouveau Butterfly Pattern on the pocket-like Brass Charm too.
  •  The Special Combination which is either a playful element by putting the clock inside of the pocket or just hanging outside with the pocket together on the necklace. So anyone who looking for the variation of the playful necklace like this, please pick this up for matching your brand new look with it. You can be a unique but elegance lady who wear to work with it or just attend to any party with it.
  • The total Length of the brass chain when you are spreading out the chain is 69 cm , it's long enough to hanging nicely upper your chest, it can be adjustable by turning the buckle by adding the extension length around 7 cm long at the end of the chain.
  • IT comes in a beautiful and lovely package with card and small bag.
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